What will Jensen Huang concoct in his GTC keynote?



This article is part of the Insight VB Lab / Nvidia GTC series.

NVIDIA is hosting another of its GTC events next week, and many are wondering what CEO Jensen Huang might be to cook in his speech of November 9.

Judging from a few of his past speeches, we think it’s safe to assume that he will focus on five main areas.

Accelerated calculation: This has long been NVIDIA’s stock-in-trade – the combination of GPUs and specialty software delivering oversized performance in a variety of areas. Gaming is a clear example of this, with recent advancements such as RTX and DLSS graphics that improve performance and realism. But the same principle also applies to dozens of other fields, from data analysis to molecular biology to machine learning. We don’t expect a new chip architecture, but NVIDIA likes to use these events to unveil new systems and software.

Data center: Jensen typically highlights new developments in the cloud, data centers, and high performance computing. The company has been more deeply engaged in networking since closing its acquisition of Mellanox 18 months ago, and there might be more to hear there.

Omniverse: During recent GTCs, Jensen has talked a lot about Omniverse, the company’s platform for virtual collaboration and simulation, and the ability to create digital twins of structures from the physical world. We expect to find out how more and more companies are using it and maybe to see some interesting demos.

Artificial intelligence: It’s a safe bet that the company will unveil new software and research to advance AI from the cloud to the edge. NVIDIA has done a lot of work in natural language processing recently, so we’re hoping to hear some potential breakthroughs in conversational AI.

Robotics and autonomous cars: It’s been more than a year since the company announced a partnership with Mercedes-Benz to help the German automaker build autonomous vehicles. We’re interested to see any updates on this, and if they have any other news for robotics, beyond their recent announcement of a robotics developer toolkit.

The Keynote CGV premieres Tuesday, November 9 at 12:00 p.m. PST; and will rebroadcast at 8:00 am PST for viewers in the Americas. No registration is required to view it.

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