VUNO Brags about AI Solutions and Research Results at RSNA 2021

VUNO will present four medical artificial intelligences solutions: VUNO Med®-Thoracic Radius ™, VUNO Med®–LungCT AI ™, VUNO Med®-DeepBrain® and VUNO Mean®-Bone age™ which can be seamlessly integrated with PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), EMR (Electronic Medical Record) or any other medical device. A virtual reading room connected to the PACS system will be installed in the VUNO stand so that visitors can have an overview of VUNO Med® solutions integrated into PACS.

VUNO will present the future R&D direction of VUNO at the AI ​​Theater under the theme “The past, present and future of VUNO Med for precision imaging”. Then, nine research achievements will be presented during a research presentation session. It includes topics encompassing various areas of medical imaging, such as MRI-based AI model in predicting MCI to dementia, AI-assisted diagnosis to diagnose lung nodule malignancy, Basal lung metastases in patients with colon cancer.

In addition, VUNO will participate in IAIP (Imaging AI in Practice), a virtual demonstration program developed to effectively demonstrate the effects of AI solutions in clinical settings. The company will present VUNO Med®–LungCT AI ™ on this program to demonstrate how it works using real-world clinical scenarios.

Hyun Jun Kim, CEO of VUNO said, “Through participation in RSNA 2021, we will showcase various clinical research achievements to global leaders in radiology using AI technology,” said Hyun-jun Kim, CEO of VUNO, adding “We plan to expand our partnerships with partner companies abroad. and medical institutions by offering participants the opportunity to experience VUNO Med first-hand® solutions. “


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