TYC Communication strives to provide top notch services encompassing media management: G. Singh


In an interview with G20, Ms. Geeta Singh, Founder and Director of TYC Communication, talks about the ambitious TYC Communication project which has grown into a multi-faceted digital consulting firm and has earned a distinct reputation. Extracts:
Q. To be from a small town in Uttaranchal, to start from scratch with 50,000 Rs at the present time being at the head of TYC Communications (you have come a long way indeed)?
A. Indeed, my trip has been a great adventure from the start, when I had a humble education in mountain tours to the rapid bustle of Noida during my college years, I saw it all. All of these struggles and experiences that I gathered during my childhood years shaped my consciousness and gave me the will to embark on this journey with TYCC in 2012. I was fortunate to have reunited a sum of INR 50,000 urging my friends and relatives to make their valuable contributions. Subsequently, I remember it very well, TYC Communication was born between the four walls of a small room about 8 × 10 feet. After the creation, myself and one of my other employees started this extremely ambitious project by limiting our services only to translation and content development. Little by little, our customer base has proliferated and, at the same time, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. I am very proud to see that TYC Communication has grown into a multi-faceted digital consulting firm and has earned a distinct reputation.
Q. Yours is so unique that your scenario might be unusual but probably isn’t. Because we are so fortunate to hear your journey which challenged the odds, taboos, stereotypes and stigma that still seem to exist in India. How did you handle this?
A. Originally from a small town, I have always been well aware of the prejudices and received ideas that exist especially towards a woman, even in the professional world. Nonetheless, I believe that women are born with thick skin which helps them cope with any weather conditions they face. Likewise, I would say that my will and commitment to do something was more important than my fear of being judged. Being a person who does not reach satiety easily, I have always been hungry and strive to step out of my comfort zone. This is why I was determined to continue my studies in political science and my degree in mass communication away from home. The zeal to overcome all obstacles and achieve what I am destined to achieve has always kept my spirits up. This is the reason why I was able to face the countless problems that TYC Communication and I faced during the first years of my entrepreneurial journey.
Q. How did you develop TYC Communications so exponentially and dramatically. Please share the verticals and profiles of this one?
A. TYC Communications, which started as a sole proprietorship in 2012 providing services such as translation and content marketing, largely developed into a limited liability company in 2014. I think that’s how From a single employee, TYC Communication slowly and steadily formed into a group of 50 extremely hardworking and intelligent team members. TYC Communication’s customer base has skyrocketed to new heights, with around 200 customers currently in a variety of fields ranging from skin care and beauty to skills development companies, highly regarded schools, fashion brands, automotive companies and many others. The average tenure of each client has been four years and some of the most important clients TYC Communication has been fortunate enough to serve are Mobile.com, Patanjali Yogpeeth, IIIT Delhi, Xebia Academy Global, Mitsubishi Electric India, Pioneer India, The Judge Group, Pearson Group, FENA, Acreaty, Steelbird International, Aks Clothing, PayMe India, and others.
Q. Where is the profitability of your source of income?
A. As I mentioned before, TYC Communication has amassed a total of 200 clients to date and is constantly on the cusp of collaborating with extremely passionate and exciting brands and companies. This progress has been made possible by the amazing members of the TYC Communication team who have spared no effort to enable TYC Communication to become one of the most recognized digital consulting firms in Delhi. With all the vigor and talent, TYC Communication strives to provide top notch services encompassing media management, content research and creation, media training, customer service and crisis management. The main aspect that TYC Communication focuses on while responding to any of its clients is to ensure accuracy and to provide a dedicated team with the experience and knowledge required in the particular area in which the client is dealing. I strongly emphasize that TYC Communication’s success is rooted in the motto “always deliver more than expected”.

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