The SSIE department celebrates the successes of fall 2022

The fall semester at Binghamton University is underway, and students, faculty, and staff in the Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering at the Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering have been busy with classes, research projects and more.

Research News

Assistant Professor Bing Si directs research on two National Institutes of Health grants, in collaboration with colleagues at Mayo Clinic and Harvard University: “Towards Precise Phenotype Discovery of Obstructive Sleep Apnea with a Data-Inclusive Multi-Study Analysis” (242 $770) and “Sleep and Cardiometabolic Health in Hispanic/Latino Adolescents/Young Adults in the United States” ($165,418).

A research team including Assistant Professor Neha Patankar created an electricity sector model for Europe and a gas network model to analyze several possible paths to ensure full independence from Russian natural gas. Patankar is an operations research analyst specializing in energy system and power system modeling research.

Yong Wang Associate Professors and Sung Hoon Chung were in a Watson Reviews magazine article about Watson College professors exploring autonomous systems. Wang’s work on autonomous vehicles with the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) in Tamil Nadu, India, and Chung’s research on traffic optimization were highlighted.

George Klir Professor of Systems Science Luis Rocha, PhD ’97published an article in Nature Communication on “Maximization of Influence in Boolean Networks.” Determining the influence of nodes in networks is essential for understanding and controlling real-world systems, and this research develops an optimization method inspired by the well-studied problem of influence maximization for the propagation of processes in networks. social.

Student News

A feature in the Watson Reviews reviewing the top top synthesis projects for 2021-22, the SSIE team to design a drone inspection system for solar energy equipment using software to remotely inspect the quality of solar panels using thermal imaging. The project was funded by a grant from the Avangrid Foundation.

Faculty News

Professor Hiroki Sayama received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service and the Provost’s Award for Outstanding Graduate Principal. A reception in October celebrated his achievements.

Associate Professor Harold Lewis ’77, MS ’86, PhD ’95, retired at the end of the spring semester after 24 years on the faculty of Watson College. He will continue to mentor a few Watson students throughout their college career and also plans to pursue his interests in genealogy, bond with his young grandson and spend more time on his farm, just across the street. side of the border in Pennsylvania.

Graduate News

Mohamed Yunus, MS ’00, the senior vice president of manufacturing operations at Texas Instruments (TI) oversees the company’s semiconductor production worldwide. This global reach includes wafer manufacturing, assembly and testing at 15 in-house manufacturing sites around the world, external manufacturing and product distribution. Earlier this year he opened up about how Binghamton University and Watson College have shaped his thinking and his career.

Amy Booth ’04, MS ’22and Kasasbeh Anemone have been recognized as one of the Top 25 Women in Artificial Intelligence by RE•WORK, a women-led company bringing together global leaders in AI. Booth, director of physician practice transformation and performance analytics at United Health Services, is an alumnus of the Master of Science in Systems Science program with a concentration in health systems. Kasasbeh is a PhD student in the Industrial and Systems Engineering program and a former research assistant for the Watson Institute for Systems Excellence (WISE) as well as a data scientist for United Health Services.

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