Lindsay Lohan’s films ranked from worst to best


Since I was a girl Lindsay Lohan He conquered the child-young audience with his funny films. Twin game, Confessions of a typical teenager, Herbie in overdrive, The detectives and Crazy Friday are just a few of those he’s played in that are available at Disney +. Here, we go through each of them and rank them from worst to best based on their fans’ vote.

+ Lindsay Lohan’s films ranked from worst to best

5. Confessions of a typical adolescent

At 2004, Lindsay Lohan played Mary elisabeth -better known as lola steppe– to Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Here, her character moves from downtown New York to suburb New Jersey, where she feels her life isn’t interesting enough. However, she won’t give up on her dream of being a star and will do whatever it takes to be the principal lady in the school. At Rotten tomatoes, the public approved it with the 35%.

4. Herbie a toda walked

One year later, the actress created Herbie: fully charged and, although for many users of Disney + is one of his favorite movies, the truth is that in the world he only received one. 38% positive comment. In the shoes of Maggie Peyton, played a young woman whose overprotective father forbade her from racing cars but, finding Herbie in a junkyard, they create a magical team that will save her family and change racing records.

3. The detectives

At Have a clue, created at 2002, Lindsay Lohan brought to life Alexandra Lexy Gold, a young woman who prides herself on always discovering everything for the chronicle of the gossip of the school. But when her English teacher goes missing, Lexy teams up with her friends and sets out on the story of the century: finding out what happened to her mentor. On Rotten Tomatoes he was noted with the 42%.

2. A crazy Friday

Dr Tess Coleman and her daughter Anne (Lindsay Lohan) have one thing in common: They can’t agree on anything. But when a Friday night mystical chaos changes things, they wake up with the biggest problem of all. They are trapped in the other’s body. Horrible friday, created in 2003, has been approved by the 57% people who saw it.

1. Set of twins

The most popular: The parents trap, available in Disney +. Created in 1998, this film in which Lindsay Lohan stood out in the double role of Annie and Hallie moved back 70% positive comment. In it, identical twins separated soon after their parents’ birth and divorce meet at the camp. In this way, they organize a plan of change of places to reunite their family.

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