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Market and Social Research Archive Launches Book Series

December 8, 2021

In the UK, the Archive of Market and Social Research (AMSR) has published a series of books entitled: “Showcasing the Archive”, available in electronic and print format.

Launched in 2016, and supported by the MRS, the Association of Qualitative Researchers (AQR) and the Social Research Association (SRA), the AMSR aims to identify and preserve the resources tracing the evolution of the market and the research industry since the 1930s. Today. The organization collects records, both physical and digital, all of which need to be evaluated and collated, and this data is hosted by The History of Advertising Trust, which will make the records available to the public.

Launched earlier this year, her first book – “Post War Developments in Market Research” – reflects archival roots in UK commercial market research, while the second: “How We’ve Changed: Social Trends from Post War to Present Day and Beyond “was launched at the end of last month. This new book brings together twelve short essays from researchers, academics and friends of the archives, using the resources of the archives to tell stories about how life has changed over the past 75 years.

Topics covered include the impact of MR on the food to retail sectors, and women in the home on vacation, as well as smoking, health and wellness. In a statement, the organization said: “One of the most exciting things about the book is that it is not only about the past, but also looks to the future. green issues, AMSR sought input from representatives of the many groups working hard to ensure a more inclusive and sustainable future for the research industry: the book. ‘

Website: www.amsr.org.uk.

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