Alba Advances New Currency Project in Independent Scotland

THE Alba Party said it would proceed with the “heavy political lift” on independence after party members supported the adoption of a new currency “as soon as possible” after a Yes result in indyref2.

Delegates voted for a new currency after independence, and research on “the practicalities of monetary transition and the institutional preparations necessary to facilitate the movement” will now be commissioned.

Deputy Leader Kenny MacAskill MP said: “An independent Scotland needs all the monetary and fiscal levers to run our economy and take a different course from the failed Westminster austerity agenda.

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“A separate Scottish currency is essential if we are to follow this path. ”

He continued: “Alba does most of the political work on the key issues on which a future independence referendum will be decided.”

MacAskill called the monetary question “vital,” adding, “Alba is up to the challenge of answering these questions.

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“Alba is a democratic political party where politics is decided from below rather than from above. In Alba, members are sovereign rather than being seen as just food for the vote, as is the case with other parties. ”

Meanwhile, delegates have also supported a push to present candidates for council across Scotland next spring. The plan includes the provision that every councilor in Alba will support an independence convention made up of ‘all elected representatives at parliament and local government level who will call on the Scottish government to exercise existing independence mandates to enter into negotiations independence with Westminster ”.

Other adopted resolutions include a new rail strategy aimed at reducing ticket costs and carbon emissions, as well as another condemning the UK government’s decision not to pursue carbon capture technology in Scotland.

Speaking on the municipal elections strategy, Alba local government adviser Councilor Leigh Wilson said: Act. ”

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